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Joel Radmin, Managing Partner

Mr. Radmin has been involved in the real estate business for more than 22 years.  He began his career working for Friedman-Roth Realty as a licensed salesperson.  After a few years, as many successful brokers often do, Mr. Radmin left the company and formed his own thriving real estate brokerage firm.

Over the years, Mr. Radmin’s focus in real estate began to shift from brokerage to private investments and private lending.  During this tenure, Mr. Radmin participated as broker, purchaser/seller or lender in nearly 500 transactions

In 2009, Mr. Radmin reunited his relationship with Eric Roth and George Niblock and became a co-managing partner of Friedman-Roth Realty Services LLC.  Friedman-Roth is a 36 year-old real estate brokerage company that incorporates the services of 15 associate brokers and salespersons.  Friedman-Roth specializes in the sale of investment properties throughout the New York metropolitan area.  Since inception, the firm has brokered more than 1000 transactions and remains a leader in today’s brokerage marketplace.

At the same time, the partners formed Brick Realty Capital LLC, a private lending company to facilitate the market’s need for short-term, hard money and bridge loans requests.  The firm is built upon the platform and ideology that Mr. Radmin created in 2005.  Mr. Radmin’s philosophy is to create a lending vehicle that is strictly focused on the collateral.  Brick provides financing for income producing property located throughout the New York metropolitan area.  With a tremendous amount of collective experience and knowledge in the real estate business, Brick Realty Capital has an edge over its competition.  As owners and managers of real property, Mr. Radmin and his partners can quickly assess whether a loan will underwrite despite the constant shift in market trends and fluctuating valuations.  Brick analyzes all transactions “in house” and that enables the firm to move with unprecedented speed to issue a commitment and close the loan.

Brick recognizes that private lenders are usually not the first choice for a borrower, however, Brick strives to be the first choice among its private lending peers.  Mr. Radmin believes that the key to the private lending business is to be user friendly.  Once the decision is made to provide financing, the process is designed to make the transaction as smooth as possible.  As a testament to Mr. Radmin’s success, Brick and its affiliate partners have completed over $40,000,0000 of loan transactions,